How to Fix GPS Coordinates and Time of a Photo

Context and Problem

During a holiday trip, I received some photos on paper which I wanted to digitize and add to Google Photos. To ensure these pictures are discoverable, I wanted to ensure they have the right GPS coordinates and time.

How should I fix the Exif metadata?


The following was tested on Ubuntu 22.04.01 LTS.

  1. Install exiftool:

    sudo apt install libimage-exiftool-perl
  2. Note down the GPS Latitude, GPS Longitude and local time:

    GPS_LAT_REF=N  # N = North, S = South
    GPS_LON_REF=E  # E = East, W = West
    LOCAL_TIME=2022-07-27T201406  # Prefer ISO 8601
  3. Set the Exif tags:

    exiftool 00*.jpg \
        -gpslatitude=$GPS_LAT \
        -gpslongitude=$GPS_LON \
        -gpslatituderef=$GPS_LAT_REF \
        -gpslongituderef=$GPS_LON_REF \


Upload to Google Photos and check the result!