If at first you don't succeed ...

… sew again!

In my desperate attempt to impress my older daughter, I decided to sew a swimming suit for her bee Maja. Maja has become a family member, essentially taking part in all family activities. Hence, impressing Maja would certainly score some points with my daughter too.

Four attempts later: Maja can actually dress the suit. I made two noob mistakes in the process:

  • I was projecting Maja’s body shape on the fabric, instead of measuring her circumference. Essentially, the first two attempts where $pi/2$ sizes smaller than Maja needed. (It took me two attempts to realize this one.)

  • I forgot to leave room for arms and legs.

And below is the result. I’m pretty happy about the gained insight, not to mention the excellent risk management. Imagine I had started with adult-sized cloths. That would have wasted quite some material. 😄

Bathing Suit for Maja