Kubernetes is the Answer! But what was the question?

📣 Kubernetes is the answer!

😕 But what was the question?

Context: Application containerization

Application containerization is the answer to reducing friction between development and production. It allows software engineering teams to quickly push high-impact features with minimum downtime.

Containers are essentially a language-neutral way to pack an application with all its dependencies. In the end, it avoids (reduces?) the “works on my machine, but broken in production” issue.

Problem: Container orchestration

As your business grows, you will want to run your containers on several Nodes, either Virtual Machines or Physical Servers. Why?

Now that you decided to run your containers on several Nodes, you need to figure out:

Solution: Open source, open governance

To solve these problems you need a container orchestration engine. You have quite a few options:

While all solutions above can fit the bill, Kubernetes stands out due to the following reasons: