Please Stop RTFM-ing

🎆 Need inspiration for a New Year’s resolution?

✋ Please stop #RTFM-ing !

Here is how and why:

What is RTFM-ing?

RTFM-ing is answering the questions in a way that humiliates the poster.

RTFM-ing comes in many forms:

Why do people RTFM?

Why is RTFM bad?

RTFM-ing misses the whole point of today’s information age.

All information is out there, but finding it is challenging.

My employer, Elastisys, embraces a knowledge-sharing culture and RTFM has no place here.

What to do instead of RTFM-ing?

  1. Good: Do not answer.
  2. Better: “Is this [INSERT SPECIFIC URL] pointing in the right direction?”
  3. Best: “Is this [INSERT SPECIFIC URL] pointing in the right direction? Here is the snippet that might answer your question: [INSERT SPECIFIC SNIPPET].”

Final Thoughts

Don’t forgot to take care of yourself. I often get irritated with people. Then I realize that I was simply hungry, or forgot to prioritize my wants.

Put your oxygen mask first, before helping others.